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Atomic blonde

A film by David Leitch

Cast: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman 

Constable Lorraine Broughton is one of the best spies of Her Majesty’s Intelligence Service; At once sensual and wild and ready to deploy all her skills to stay alive during her impossible mission …

This stylish and impressively choreographed action sequences, Atomic Blonde is surreal entertainment, although the spy narrative is a bit disorganised. And yes it does not matters here is the latest action film by Leitch is full of action and Charlize demonstrate that the action film are not just for guys anymore. Beautiful choreograph action scene and shot on location in Berlin and Budapest Charlize who can kick ass in high fashion to not and it based on the graphic novel this high kicking high octane film  is its November 89 Berlin setting, just before the wall came down. In this film so I have noticed there are al lot of smoking and drinking Vodka and kick ass. The stunt coordinator who has done many films like for John Woo demonstrate here that he is capable of some cool kick ass action. I lost count of the colourful characters, there are Eddie Marsan as Spyglass, Toby Jones as the MI head, John Goodman as the CIA chief and Sofia Boutella  as the French spy Delphine with whom Lorraine has a relationship. The violence is graphic and brutal as all forms of weapons  come into play including corkscrew, lampshade, rope and a red stiletto. Cars pirouette on land and water in a barrage of stunts, But here Charlize incarnate the character beautifully well as always a pleasure to watch. Well she can kick my ass anytime plus a little spanking at the end would be nice. Yes I know I am dreaming. C’est la vie.



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DJAM (2017)



A film by Tony Gatlif

Cast: Daphne Patakia, Simon Abkarian, Maryne Cayon

Djam,  ( Daphne Patakia) a young Greek woman, is sent to Istanbul by her uncle Kakourgos, a retired former sailor of Rebetiko, to find the rare piece that will repair their boat. She meets Avril, a French woman of nineteen, alone and without money, who has come to Turkey to volunteer with the refugees. Djam, generous, insolent, unpredictable and free then takes her under her wing on the way to Mytilene. A journey of encounters, music, sharing and hope.

djam 2

The real surprise in this classic construction is that each musical scene appears, not as an instant of lightness, but rather as a support for the discourse that is politically committed to its author. We have just come to expect that DJam begins to sing and dance rather than continue to walk and to be hysterical at each raid she crosses. At the end the film does not losses its charm but focus on the dancing and singing well the drinking as well. Djam is a beautiful pro-European and intercultural message, but we have seen more subtle. We can only wish to see again the lovely Daphne Patakia on the screens  again soon and hope that the cinema of Tony Gatlif is renewed a little.



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A  film by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo, Javier Pereira

English: May god saves us 

An unlikely Duo, inspectors Alfaro and Velarde are responsible for arresting a serial killer with particularly sordid crimes. But, as the investigation progresses, the two police officers under pressure discover their own shadow. A Realistic thriller of an assumed blackness, May god saves seduced us thanks to its two anti-heroes, at the same time endearing and disturbing.


That was so good. It came out today no disappointment here. A totally great thriller not to be missed. During the summer of 2011, Madrid is confronted with the emergence of movement as they prepared to receive the pope. To add to the surrounding chaos, the city is also the scene of particularly sordid crimes: elderly women are found dead after being abused and the similarities between the cases seem to indicate the involvement of a serial killer.No you don’t say a serial killer in Madrid? The investigation about  this murderer of a particular kind is entrusted to the inspectors Alfaro (Roberto Álamo) and Velarde (Antonio de la Torre), two men with opposing characters who will have to agree to carry out their investigation in a climate Particularly tense. The race against the time engages with the killer but progressively Alfaro and Velarde meet face their own demons, are they basically so different from the monster that they persecute?

Here is a great thriller from Spain. Unlike the puritain  thrillers – notably American – who manage to sweeten the violence and hide as much as possible a nudity considered too disturbing, that of Rodrigo Sorogoyen does not bother with such artifices. Is a matter of fact he goes there full blast and does not shy away from it. It as realistic fell to it I might have. Some scene are raw and dead on. You will go Oh! my god. In this thriller, the evil is displayed brutally and naturally, in all its horror. The film here are a lot of success here because the duo cops both facing their limits. The film goes further by pointing out the flaws of the two inspectors, even if we question our perception of the two heroes. The chase is on in Madrid. More the investigation advances more of the darker aspects of their personality surface. Here is a trilling thriller that is going tot trill you to death with a perfect ending.


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A film by Matt Reeves

Cast: Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn

It is all coming to an end and what a way to end the tribologie on this beautiful note. The opening start as the soldier are in the forest trying to creep up to the enemy to surprise him in an other word they want caesar the ape. Surprise,  surprise it is not going to be that easy. Yes there is a colonel who wants the apes dead but not you usual colonel here one with an agenda. He is play wonderfully well by Woody Harrelson. Some of the sequence remains me of platoon how funny is that. There is a human touch between the apes and the humans. The film is done more like a thriller with some great story telling here finally. Apes Vs humans who will win?. The Simian flu might be killing humans and making the apes hyper-intelligent, but what’s really undone us across these three films has been our selfishness, cruelty,  to destroy that which we claim we want to save. But of course, the humans won’t stop their pursuit. They will come in small armies or in mass they are here to win and will they? Meanwhile, Caesar himself is also wrestling with his darker side, represented here by his visions of Koba (Toby Kebbell). He is consume with revenge and wants it bad.

Us humans however I think we destroy everything in our path even the thing we do not understand. Of course there will be a big spectacle in the end with the CGI done beautifully well even the apes looks a live and well on screen.



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A film by Ben Young

Cast : Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings, Stephen Curry

Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple.As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises that she has one thing going in order to survive is to have them against each other.

The opening of the films is awesome but creepy. Young girls playing volley ball and basket ball in slow motion plus the close up of the body parts. It sets up what kind off film it is going to be. A girl is along as she goes home. Soon enough Evelyn and John pull up in their station wagon and ask if she wants a lift. She is never to be seen again. One of the scenes after that is a woman cleaning up the room picking up dildos with blood on it and some bloody tissue, seriously a terrifying scene here. Yes you are dealing of a serial killer from event that happened in Australia in 1987 of a couple who killed a bunch of teenagers. However in the film it takes place in 1987.

hounds of love

Jason (Harrison Gilberston) looks like a young Heath Ledger and his girlfriend, Vicki Maloney (Ashleigh Cummings), are busy fooling around like the teenagers they are playing games and making out. You know that is going to happen but later on. It is the same thing always the parents are divorced. And Vicky is at her mother 2 times a week. But they argued and Vicky sneak out of the house. I have seen that on before. Although he gets pretty terrifying when she gets abducted. She start to think and try to get the couple against each other. Is it going to work?

you will see how messed up this couple is. However Young knew how to build up the tension here with some cool music. But the film is lacking something it is like I have seen this before but differently. It is watchable however. The actors are outstanding in their craft. You can feel the heat off the screen. Remember on thing never talk to stranger not get in their car.


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les granges Brulées

A film by Jean Chapot

Cast: Simone Signoret, Alain Delon, Paul Crauchet

English: The burned barns. 

A crime was committed in an isolated corner of Haut- Doubs in the winter. The investigating judge suspects one of the members of a family living in a large farm nearby. The head of the family, Rose, an energetic woman, stands up to him.

A woman is dead by her car in the middle of the winter in this little town. Alain Delon plays the investigating judge, Le juge Pierre Larcher, and starts to question the middle-aged married couple Rose and Pierre (Simone Signoret and Paul Crauchet) at the farm. You will see how the investigation will develop and how the judge in 5 steps head of everybody. He is putting the pressure on, he has one press dude who is breathing down his neck. Meanwhile Larcher is putting pressure on this one woman played by Signoret who keeps it together but finds out some stuff about her son.

Les granges brûlées-2

What I love about this film it was actually filmed in the winter when it was snowing no fake snow here. The two stars did an outstanding job here. The chemistry between Delon and Signoret is burning the screen. I have not seen this film ever and I was not disappointed. Of course there were the 70’s music back them in film it was the coolest thing. I just finish seeing this one. There is an other film were the two stars were in, I am taping it on my hard drive as we speak.

Les granges brûlées 3





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JEANNE MOREAU (1928 – 2017)

jeanne moreau

RIP Jeanne Moreau who got the nickname the French Betty Davis. She has passed away of natural cause at age 89. She has left a legacy of films behind her. i just learn about her passing today. She was a singer, director, and actress. The actress with the sensual beauty and the inimitable serious voice, which has fascinated the greatest directors during a career of 65 years, was found dead in his Parisian home, specified Jeanne d’Hauteserre, Mayor of the 8th arrondissement. She was found by her maid early Monday morning, according to sources. Born January 23, 1928 in Paris of a restorer father and a dancer English mother, the unforgettable interpreter of the song Tourbillon in Jules and Jim, by François Truffaut, has shot in more than 130 films.

The world of culture also paid tribute to him. Brigitte Bardot greeted the “unusual personality” of the actress, with whom she had shared the poster in Viva Maria in 1965. “I have a lot of grief. Jeanne was above all a beautiful, intelligent, seductive woman, with a voice and an unusual personality, which made her a multi-faceted actress, “she said in a statement. She accumulated awards left and right and what a talented actress she was. It willl not be the same without her.