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HAIR (1979)


A film by Milos Forman

Cast: John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D’Angelo

Claude Bukowski, a young farmer from Oklahoma, wants to visit New York before leaving for Vietnam. At Central Park, he became friends with a group of hippies. This meeting will turn his life upside down……

Milos Forman directed adaptation of the hit Broadway show captures the essence of the drop-out hippie culture of the late 1960’s while changing the storyline and the order of the songs and in some cases which characters perform them. Berger (Treat Williams) is the leader of his little gang of hippies which includes Hud, Woof and Jeannie. They are later joined by rich girl Sheila (Beverly D’Angelo) and Hud’s (AKA Lafayette’s) baby mama and his infant son. Oh and Jeannie is pregnant by either Hud or Woof and by the way welcome to the late 1960’s. So cool the costumes where dead on and very colourful like in the 60’s. You really feel like you were there and back them that is the way it was, singing, drugs , sex and whatever. “Sodomy”, the title song and the medley of “Black Boys” and “White Boys” are all fun songs with ironic and/or sexually explicit lyrics. “Good Morning Starshine” and “Let the Sunshine In” are uplifting pop melodies that soar, and they are going to stick with you.“Donna” and “Manchester, England” are tunes that are upbeat you even can sing along. Forman captures the essence of the sixties even the decor are dead on., you feel it right off at the opening scene of the film. A familiar face Edna Garrett in the ‘80’s sitcom The Facts of Life, is in the scene where Berger and his friends crash Sheila’s party. At the time in 1979 it was the best musical and still is it became a cult film, that will nor age. Do not miss this one.



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AVA (2017)


A film by Léa Mysius

Cast: Noée Abita, Laure Calamy, Juan Cano

Ava is is a really good example of an experimental film that remind to film critics why they fell in love with cinema.

Set against the backdrop of France’s sunny Atlantic Coast, we get to be  introduces us to 13-year-old Ava (Noée Abita) as she lies on a bustling local beach one summer’s afternoon. She is on vacation , an opportunity for her to bask in a newfound freedom, but then, suddenly after going to the eye doctor, Ava learns that she will soon lose her eyesight. Her mother, Maud (Laure Calamy), into her own little world by her ongoing search to find a new boyfriend, insists on acting as if everything is fine, so as to ensure, she says, that they have the “best summer ever”. Ava, however, has other ideas.


It is a warm film with humour but has the rebel side that is going to be flourishing soon after. The film goes through Ava’s fear of loosing her sight meets the local hood, Juan (Juan Cano), who camps out on the beach, awakens a flame in her that cannot be extinguished. They are going to be lovers and later partner in crime.The route Mysius’ narrative takes will likely be unpredictable it goes with the film vast nature decor. Ava sometimes evokes memories of Malik’s Badlands: hazy & hypnotic with a little mix of Davis lynch now and then. A beautiful captivating debut for Léa Mysius which I hope will never cease to amaze us and that she never stop experimenting.


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it comes out at night

A film by Trey Edward Shults

Cast: Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo

A man is trying to protect himself and his family by boarding his house and stay inside most of the time, but never go out without a gas mask on because it comes at night…….

Here is the cool thing first an intelligent well film horror movie. I did not even see a trailer for it nor that I wanted to see one. I went in without reading any reviews. No I will do that after. And man it was so good.

The film opens with an older gentleman, who is clearly very ill, says goodbye to his family and then gets shot in the head before his son-in-law and grandson burn his body. Pardon me I think I forgot to mention they are wearing gas mask, now you are going to say well the director has my attention and the tension is mounting from there on. Your brain is going to explode with questions. You know what the characters know no flashback here. You are on a journey with them. technically you are going along with the ride. When An intruder tries to break in the house Paul (Joel Edgerton) makes sure he protects his family when he finds out that the man is fine and has a family he brings him in to his house. Director Shults is careful not to give too much information here just bits and pieces of it. His cinematographer has done an excellent job here even the light is carefully use, like the flashlight and the lantern. Even the sound will get to you it will creep you out. The tension build up slowly but surely to the point it is going to be boil over and explode. The sound design here is perfect. The characters are dealing with a lot, the two families are going to have to trust each other although Paul is careful and is strict with his son. Not only that they do not know who has cause this or what it is. It is a question of survival and they are going to be smart about it. A well writing script here as well as well filmed. Trey Edward Shults is now the one to watch. 


it comes out at night 3

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ce qui nous lie 3

A film by Cédric Klapisch

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil, Jean-Marc Roulot

English: What links us. 

Jean left his family and his native bourgogne  ten years ago to go around the world. When he learns of the imminent death of his father, he returns to the land of his childhood. He finds his sister, Juliette, and his brother, Jeremie. Their father died just before the harvest began. In the space of a year, at the rate of the seasons that are linked, these 3 young adults will find or reinvent their fraternity, flourishing and ripening at the same time as the wine they make.

It is much more than a summer film here. and I love film about wine as I am typing this I am drinking a red wine Les Ormes de Cambras Cabernet Sauvignon Pays d’oc 2016 . It is pretty good but if I age the other bottles it is going to be awesome wine. First the director had to find a location to film and did he going it an actor Jean-Marc Roulot who happens to owned a vineyard how lucky can you get and yes he plays in it. Of course the script calls for a biologique wine. The film took one year to film because Cédric Klapisch wanted to show the season in real-time. smart move more realism there plus the actors had to be trained for the job. 

ce qui nous lie 2

Three human beings: two brothers with a sister who is the boss, the title of the film in What linked us, words that are stuck with  five names: those of brothers Jean (Pio Marmai) and Jérémie (François Civil) and sister Juliet (Ana Girardot) Valverde (Alicia) the sister-in-law, wife of Jérémy and Marcel (Jean-Marc Roulot) and without whom the film could not have been what it is! It is a journey of Jean back and forth between present and past , it is the evocation of a father and a grandfather, their conceptions of wine. It is a sort of rebirth to reconnect with his family and his father who is now dead. A few thing that the brother and sister are going to discover along the way and at times it is funny as hell. Also what are they are going to do keep going with the family business or sell it, and if their sister is up to the chanllenge to become the boss.  This film will get you drunk without drinking but consume it without moderation.

ce qui nous lie

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Les ogres

A film by Léa Fehner

Cast: François Fehner, Marion Bouvarel, Marc Barbé, Adèle Haenel

The Davaï Théâtre crosses France to interpret The Bear of Chekhov. In this troop of actors who are full of life, have fun doing their play, parties after hours, when suddenly an actress goes back in play will suddenly woke some events that was buried within each of them.

In her second feature film Fehner here goes back to her childhood where her sister and her parents where travelling and  grew up in this theatre troupe traveling all over France. The song here are perfect for this film it interpret freedom. And here is a dazzling piece of art, brilliantly directed I might add.


The film becomes this car chase living it up, boozing, sexed people who travel the freedom road, live day-to-day and have fun acting at night. They will do parade to promote their theatre pass fliers and even interacts with the people of the town. they will in the evening performs (Checkhov Cabaret), than drinking around the tent to hangovers and tidying up the day after the party, and packed up to got to the next town. Yes there is the occasional yelling at each other followed by stubborn dreams and disappointments to be overcome. The birth of a child is going to stress the whole troupe. The intensity of their happiness and drama, their passion for theatre that contaminates every waking moment of their lives, which has an all-consuming appetite for human interaction, with strong egos rubbing shoulders for better or for worse. Of course Fehner’s sister and parents are in this film they are still doing what they do best. The director here was born into it. Lived it. Is a matter of fact Léa Fehner’s father is the director of the troop. A bold film that will fascinate. 


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HHhH (2017)


A film by Cédric Jimenez

Cast: Rosamund Pike, Stephen Graham, Mia Wasikowska, Céline Salette

The explosive rise of Reinhard Heydrich, a fallen soldier, trained towards Nazi ideology by his wife Lina. Himmler’s right arm and leader of the Gestapo, Heydrich became one of the most dangerous men in the regime. Hitler appointed him to Prague to take over the command of Bohemia-Moravia and entrusted him with the task of devising a definitive plan of extermination. Two young soldiers, Jan Kubis and Jozef Gabcik. One is Czech, the other Slovak. They both joined the Resistance to free their country from the German occupation. They trained in London and volunteered to accomplish one of the most important secret missions, and one with the most risky: eliminate Heydrich. For the Resistance their comes first above all. On May 27, 1942, the fates of Heydrich, Jan and Jozef rocked  the course of history.


Adapted from the homonymous novel by Laurent Binet, Goncourt Prize in 2010, HHhH (Himmler Hirn heisst Heydrich, or The Brain of Himmler is called Heydrich) returns to a little known but essential episode of the Second World War. The operation Anthropoid whose mission is to send two young Czechoslovak paratroopers trained in London to prepare the assassination of Reinhart Heydrich, one of the worst leaders of the Nazi regime. Vice-protector of Bohemia-Moravia played a major role in the organization of the Holocaust and was in charge of the control of the Einsatzgruppen (mobile extermination units entrusted with the task of eliminating real or imaginary opponents in the Third Reich) . Cédric Jimenez turns to a radical and uncompromising historical thriller. Opposing the frightening rise of a being without faith or law to the heroic bravery of young people ready to do anything to save their country. They even connected with a couple of girls there and had a moment of passionate love before they went into battle. However they knew there was a small chance that they were going to get out  alive. Courageous yes. Heroes most definitely those are the heroes of our times. Actually they had the balls to go through with it, in doing so they rocked history forever. Here is a shocking film with a brilliant performances by the actors especially Jason Clark. To all those who fought in WWI And WWII My hats goes to you and Thank you.

Jack O Connell/JAN KUBIS, Jack Reynor/JOSEF GABCIK

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wonder woman É

A film byPatty Jenkins

Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

I have watched the wonder woman series with Lynda Carter back in the 70’s and I thought to myself cool not too bad for a series back then. When the special effect got better,  finally it got done, it took its time to get there. Perfect casting and as far as the story line goes Patty Jenkins has created an emotional line. 


The story goes back when she was a kid the picturesque shores of Themyscira, the utopian paradise, where she later trained to be a warrior. one day she rescued a pilot (Chris Pine), decides to leave her home to fight the war (World War I) raging in the outside world. Besides its theme on humanity’s sinful nature and the subtle Christian  Wonder Woman has  toned-down on the action sequences. The chemistry is there among the cast and so is the acting. A lot of fighting up close plus a final battle at the end are done with the CGI. The cinematography is dazing where Themyscira into a gorgeous Utopia. Jenkins has used the colour of gold, blue and green , which turn later to Brown, black and a dark univers devastated by the war. Ok the  film is directed by a woman about a woman who kick ass smart move. It is nice for a change to see a woman kick ass. When are they going to do Cat woman? If anyone knows let me know.

wonder woman