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DETROIT (2017)


A film by Kathryn Bigelow

Cast:  John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Algee Smith 

The New film from Kathryn Bigelow The Algiers Motel incident, written by  John Hersey well he wrote the book. It took place in Detroit while the riots of July 1967 was going on , where blocks of the city were on fire. It was like a war zone some will even say. I remember some people telling me what was going on over there when I first came to the US in 1977. Those people was watching on TV they used to leave in the suburb of Detroit. I even work there at a gas station on Michigan Avenue at night in the 90’s and the city now is deteriorating where people abandoned their homes to leave elsewhere.


The film explain what went on back in 1967 and focuses on a group of young kids at the Algiers Motel who was partying and having a good time. A bunch of kids who are black with a couple of white girls. Outside there were racial tension and the looters plus the fire and the destruction of property.  When all hell breaks loose all that because a kid did something stupid that the Detroit police and the military gets over there and things are going to escalate. However the racial tension are rising and the police are getting up their necks trying to find evidence of a gun being shot. The police are trying to get them to confess but it is not working so they used other tactics.  I think here Bigelow toward the end with the trial that went on did it a little to fast with not too much details. The trial should be been brought to life. The racial tension unfortunately is still present in the US. I still like the film not to worry but like I said it looses it focus and some of you are not going to like that. However there where scenes that were a little uncomfortable to watch. Here is a director who is not afraid to hit you over the head with it or to shock you. I can’t wait until the next one.

detroit 2

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A film by Andrey Zvyagintsev

Cast: Maryana Spivak, Yanina Hope, Aleksey Rozin

Boris and Genia are getting divorced. They argue incessantly and have visits after visits  of their apartment in order to sell it. They are already preparing for their future: Boris lives with a young pregnant woman and Genia frequents a well-off man who seems ready to marry her … Neither of them seems to have any interest in Aliocha, their 12-year-old son. Until it disappears.


Andrey Zvyagintsev is the leading Russian filmmaker, and the most interesting directors at work today. Here it is the family is falling apart and in the middle is the kid that the couple had 12 years ago who is suffering in silence. Suddenly he disappear and the thing is pay attention to their  response when they find out that he didn’t go to school for two days to top it all off his mom was not there for two days to take care of him. The director here focuses mostly on blaming one another even during their dealings with the police and a group of volunteers who search for missing children, Then you will see right off-hand Russia bureaucracy, unthinking consumerism,hedonism. It is not only the kid who is trying to be loved here but  the parents as well with their significant other. The grand mother here is not piece of cake either. You can see why the daughter turned out to be that way too. The ending is outstanding here like I said many times I love the ending on the majority European film. It works really good here. By the way the film has won a bunch of award including best picture at the Cannes film festival 2017.


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JEAN ROCHEFORT (1930 – 2017)

Jean rochefort

The famous actor Jean Rochefort with his famous moustache and the gentleman that he was has passed away Sunday at the hospital in Paris. Let me tell you this story my Mom who is in the real estate business has sold an apartment years ago to Jean Rochefort by the museum D’Orsay . He was a gentleman as she was telling me , but also funny as well as flamboyant, he would always wearing bright colour clothes, and bright colour tennis shoes, in an other word he was full life. He was the nicest client beside Jean-Paul Belmondo.


He was for a long time fan and practicing Equitation, as he loved riding horses.  At the age of 40 he stated his career as an actor, and bingo he was known all over Europe in no time. I was shy and a loner he said one time in an interview. Jean Rochefort attends the Conservatoire where he will have  Philippe Noiret, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Annie Girardot as classmates.  He was drafted by the company Grenier-Hussenot. He was one of the most popular actor in France. Jean has left some 150 films that you can enjoy, some of them was cult films. His daughter Clémence announced the news today. I just heard it on the radio in my car as I was coming back my country house.  RIP Jean and have fun where ever you are.


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A film by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

Cast: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

English title: C’est la vie. 

A French wedding is going to take place in the 17 century castle as the staff is getting ready for the big event are they going to pull it off without a scratch.


Here you will follow the staff who will put together the big event this wedding at a French the 17 century castle. Here is a warm and touching but hilarious comedy from the Nakache and Toledano (The Intouchables, Samba) and did they nailed this one to a T. First you will find the staff preparing the event, taking care of the guessed until early in the morning. You see managing a team is not easy but it is like watching a magic show. Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri) goes around the chateau to see if his team is fine and every thing is on schedule. Bacri here does an excellent job playing Max who is at the end of the rope with his job and thinking about retirement. The gags, the mishaps, the people trying to get along and do their job without a scratch is not going to be an easy job. Le Sens de la fête has this inexplicable magic of cinema. You will see a few tricks of the trade revealed of which some are funny as hell. The film also pays a  tribute to the working class service staffs working tirelessly on their feet to cater to the clients who demand perfection. Of course the directors found an awesome ensemble of actors and characters who work in perfect harmony to satisfy the audience. Basically we are in good hands with Max and his team who are catering to the audience need. Well you know what they say c’est la vie.



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MONEY (2017)

money 3

A film by Géla Babluani

Cast: George Babluani, Vincent Rottiers, Charlotte Van Bervesseles

Three young men from the Havre in the galley decide to steal a briefcase full of money belonging to a local politician  but things does not go as planned. They find themselves quickly caught in a spiral of violence that surpasses them completely.

Danis (George Babluani) and Eric (Vincent Rottiers), two childhood friends working on the docks of Le Havre, and just getting by. One afternoon, Alex (Charlotte Van Bervesseles), Eric’s sister, accidentally attends the delivery of a suitcase full of money and decides to follow his lucky owner. All of three are going to do this stupid things robbing the dude at his house but  nothing are not going to be simple. Babaluani here made this thriller the old fashion way and to my surprise has done well here. This film Néo-Noir where the story takes places in The Havre in one night has this tension that will not let up until the end. Plus are characters are going to find out some unpleasantness after an other at which they are trying to correct the path they are one. Money drags the spectator into an intense night when three young amateur robbers are put to the test. An exercise of style distracting but when the days rises they are going to want to erase this night off their minds.

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blade runner 2049

A film by Dennis Villeneuve 

Cast: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas

Here is the 2 hour and 43 minutes stylish master piece of Villeneuve with the message what it is to be human that is relating to a melodic Blade Runner (1982). It has staying power and his ground breaking like its predecessor. It remix the themes and characters of the beloved original to give viewers the comfort of familiarity to the audience. the first trailer was fine and he did not reveal two much but the second one did and that was a mistake. There is some kind of twist in the story thank god for that. The film looks grippy and has a film neo-noir feel to it and it suppose too like the first one.


Los Angeles in 2049. K (Ryan Gosling) a young blade runner finds out a secret that is link to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) former blade runner himself who has been missing for 30 years. The visual of the film is out of their world. Villeneuve has created this dark look in 2049 L.A. where it is raining most go the time. The hologram surfaced here and yes it does exist today just not long ago they had a dead singer’ s hologram giving a concert in France they just testing it out, it is like the real thing impressive. it is a visually striking world, capturing images that work thematically. Like the one K goes to where there is minimal radiation and the gigantesque statues are mind-blowing as K walks bedside them. It is the most stunning film visually with  Luc Besson ’s Valerian. Ryan Gosling,  gives one of the great performances along with Jared Leto. What I like about this is the film is the continuation of the second one 30 years later nice move here. And yes Blade runner 2049 answers one of the most important question. 

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IT (2017)

it 2

A film by Andy Muschietti

Cast: Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard

A group of bullied kids stand  together when a demon in a form of a clown are terrorising the children in this little town.

Ok first in the 90’s there was remake is a the mini-series called it. Same principle but the remake is a film now and is it going to be any good. The film the exorcist here back in the 70’s did really good at the box office no doubt but It broke that record and became at $489  wold wide and climbing the biggest draw in the horror genre.

The film moves the time frame to 1988-89 and sticks with our core group of seven kids while they’re still adolescent misfits, which grounds their story. Kind like the series Stranger things. So far so good. It feels just right here which is an adaptation of Steven King’s novel. Muschietti shows some glimmers of early Spielberg and it is going to feel like the movie stand by me a little there too. The build up could of being a little better there but it is effective. This is the period where there was internet nor cell phone and kids where playing outside all day. One by one the kids sees the clown and get scared shitless. Until they decided tho have a show down. The cast excellent here by long shot. Yes it is funny at times put a little humour here and there plus when you where kids well you always insulted each other. With all do seriousness here even if you do not like horror movies try this one.