A film by  Ari Aster

Cast:  Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren

Dani and Christian are about to separate when Dani’s family is affected by a tragedy. Saddened by the young woman’s mourning, Christian can not bring herself to leave her alone and takes him and his friends to a summer festival that takes place once every 90 years and takes place in a village in Sweden.
But what begins as a carefree holiday in a country where the sun does not go down will quickly take a much more sinister and disturbing turn.

Yes if you have seen the original wicker man, here Aster has rewrite it and add some elements to it to turn it around in an original idea and did he ever succeed. Shot on location in this little village in Sweden . Aster here is talented enough to to build the tension with some horrific images plus his knowledge of lingering on the uncomfortable moments for a little too long. Aster here took along those theme family tragedy, bad break up, and grief to make this old fashion horror film. Midsommar is outstanding and many things at once folks horror, adult tale, sorcery, and yes even dark comedy. We follow this couple, Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor), on the verge of a break up who travel to Sweden with a group of Jack’s grad school friends to experience a once-in-every-ninety-year Midsommar festival. The group is invited to the festival by Pelle (Vilhelm Blomgren) who is part of this community as he calls it. This village off the map has this festival were they celebrate summer. Weird horrific things is going to happen soon after that. Here Aster shines by never letting go the tension and using some terrific score. This film feels like an hallucinogenic trip at times . Dani will feel uncomfortable at time but later due to some drinking some kind of potion to make you fell good will start to feel at home. It is about this girl who became an orphan and jump right in an other family to become her family but people have to pay a price. well I will travel next summer to Sweden. Ha!ha!ha!ha!


ROADS (2019)

A film  Sebastian Schipper

Cast: Fionn Whitehead, Stéphane Bak, Ben Chaplin

Gyllen, an 18-year-old boy from London, flees the family vacation in Morocco aboard the motorhome stolen from his father-in-law. On his way, he meets William, a young Congolese of his age who wants to reach Europe in search of his missing brother. They decide to join forces. This improbable duo is making its way through Morocco, Spain and France to Calais, driven by the desire for adventure. As they travel, friendship and trust are going to be settling in between the two teenagers. But they will make difficult decisions will change their lives forever.

Here is an other film from Schipper who directed the film called Victoria. I meet Stéphane bak at an Apple store because it was May the Cannes Film Festival just started Apple decided to do workshop where directors, actors, editors, and graphiste (who made film posters). So Bak a newcomer in the business who is a comic turned actor was talking to us about this film. Bak was there to show us how to dubbed the animation Spider man: into the spider man verse in French (I prefer the original version) Then we had to give it a try dubbed it ourselves on an ipad. Not an easy thing to do. we had fun that’s for sure. I went to all the workshops in may about cinema. So A friend of mine who was there at the time decided to see Roads and we weren’t disappointed.

Here are two teenagers who are going to meet because one of them is going to steal an RV the one of his step father to trying to see his father. On the other hand the other teenager who is African needs to finds his brother to get him back home. Here is an entirely a different road movie one that sheds light on the plight of refugees in Europe especially in Calais France. There are some twist in the story and it is refreshing to see a different kind of road movie for a change.


A film by  Wi Ding Ho

Cast:  Lu Huang, Hong-Chi Lee, Linda Jui-Chi Liu

Three nights of a man’s life. Three nights to cross an unseen world, which will rocked his existence. He is about to commit the irreparable. But his past will catch up with him …

Forget Hollywood here is a new wave of directors from Asia (Japan, South Korea and China) who are taking risk and reinventing themselves in telling an original story. The Story is  not told in chronological order, We gradually learn what motivate Zhang. Where is it going to make more sense is going to be in the middle of the story when we learn that Zhang is a young married police officer. Where the Americans are multiplying the super heroes movies and remakes because they think there are no more stories to tell, and the European cinema unfortunately is struggling with it. Whatever!!! Here the Asia cinema are getting more and more followers. And for the first time the Korean film named Parasite win the Palme D’or at Cannes. And the latest of Taiwan film named Cities of the last things has catch the attention of other film festival. It is an Asia / French production. 

Thanks to an incredible directing which separate the film in three part, this feature is distinguished by an intense surprise which is very attentive to the details of the story. You can see why more and more people are now following Asian Cinema. The Three parts of the story we are following the protagonist at a different stage and age of his life. Every things seems to indicate that the psychology of the characters is in his past a stroke of genius from the director who loses the audience on the psychologie on a man who is devoured by his bitterness. By following the course of this man over forty years the director let us see how an event can change the destiny of the protagonist. The first part is a bit slow, the second you beginning what drive our protagonist and the third where the action is and will answer all of you questions. The director makes us see and understand about the practices from the future and even today the social network, the cloning, plastic surgery and a drug that makes us young. Here our protagonist is lonely and has no control of his life. We will ask questions about the future and even about the entire planet and be able to identify ourselves in this film. Do not miss this one. 

LE DAIM (2019)

A film by  Quentin Dupieux

Cast:  Jean Dujardin, Adèle Haenel, Albert Delpy 

English title : Deerskin

Georges, 44, and his jacket, 100% suede, have a project.

After Au poste Dupieux sets himself in a different kind of film where some of you will love it or hate due to the fact it is a little weird. Here is a character who is in a a self-destructive neurosis. It’s up to Jean Dujardin, who had not yet had the opportunity to work with the director, who has the privilege of incarnating this man who gradually loses his reason, in favor of an unconditional love for his suede coat. Surprisedly Dujardin delivers the role of a sociopath which we know only his name. The coat seems to get him unconditional love that is was not able to get from his wife. Adèle Haenel also delivers a solid performance, appearing like a guardian angel, to Georges until the scenario raises a doubt: who manipulates who?

There are touches of black and offbeat humour , with some unusual music score and yet Dupieux surprises us in telling the story from beginning to the end . Love or hate there is not between with this film.


A film by  Danny Boyle

Cast:  Himesh Patel, Lily James, Sophia Di Martino 

Yesterday everyone knew the Beatles, but today only Jack remembers their songs. He is about to become extremely famous. Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter whose dreams are sinking into the sea that borders the small village where he lives in England, despite encouragement from Ellie, his best childhood friend who never stopped believing in him. After an accident with a bus during a strange blackout, Jack wakes up in a world where he discovers that the Beatles never existed … which will put him in a serious case of conscience.

Ok Danny Boyle is a fan of the Beatles which was the greatest band ever on this face of this earth. Let’s face it, in every song of every albums was a hit song now tell me what band has done so so far. Jack who got into an accident because of a weird black out finds out that no one has heard of the Beatles except him. After all he is not the song writer that he wanted to be so he decided to do the unthinkable. Good film but he doest not go where it suppose to go, and does not avoid the cliché with the love story that is predictable. One surprise in it. The film is enjoyable to watch and you will hear the Beatle songs all over again and it has humour in it. So it is not a complete waste. There are some weird moments in reference to john Lennon. Thank god that the actors here were talented and had chemistry.

TOLKIEN (2019)

A film by  Dome Karukoski

Cast:  Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, Colm Meaney 

The years of an author who became an orphan where he finds friendship, love and inspiration in a group of classmates at his school. But the First World War broke out and threatened to destroy this “community”. These are all experiences that will inspire Tolkien in the writing of his novels.

Going back and forth from Tolkien’s childhood to the war when he was a soldier director Dome Karukoski cast the perfect actor Nicolas Hoult for the lead. The relationship with his mother and brother, his friendship with his school mates where they formed a Book club named the Tea Club and Barrovian Society (TCBS) where he found inspiration. The love of his life  Edith Mary Bratt, who shared his passion. I was surprise that he invented a new language. He became a well known writer that later he was known for the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings and others. Not too bad for a film here because biography has been done so many times it is becoming the same but this one at least stands out a bit.