A film by Jean-François Richet.
Cast: Vincent Cassel, Ludivine Sagnier, Mathieu Amalric.
This blistering biopic stars Vincent Cassel as notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrine. The first in a duology, the film details the genesis of Mesrine’s career, including an incident in the army that gave him his first taste of violent power. Director Jean Francois Richet . Yes it is a french film with Vincent Cassel and Cecil De France two of my favorite actor also Gerard Depardieu also my favorite.Vincent Cassel is electrifying, and Depardieu is great he is the Robert De Niro of France. I love this film. The action is good so is the cast.
Jacques Mesrine was born in a stable middle-class home, well-educated, then sent to Algeria as a paratrooper who soon became a torturer and executioner and found he liked the work. He escaped from four prisons, killed perhaps 40 people, kidnapped in France and Quebec and stuck up banks the way other people use ATM machines. Mesrine was always heavily armed and had promised he would not be taken alive, Jeanne must, or should, have known that being attached to him placed her in the fire zone. Why did she do it? Was it love? The way I see it it lust been for love. After the gunfire, she doesn’t even look to see what happened to Jacques, but starts screaming at the cops because they killed her dog. Well maybe it was for the money. this film won Cesars for best director (Jean-Francois Richet) and best actor (Vincent Cassel). That man was a psychopath. Nice job By cassel here.




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