TUBE (2003)










A film by Woon-hak Baek.
Cast: Seok-hun Kim, Sang-min Park, Doona Bae.
This is a touching action epic about an all-out war between a subway terrorist who holds a city hostage and the detective who risks his life to save everyone. A film by Woon-Hak Baek. A 2003 film from South Korea.OK remember this movie The taking of Pelham 1 2 3 . This is their version but there is a love story there when the detective meet this woman in the subway and wants to protect her from the terrorist.Not the typical Hollywood ending thank god. the story hold action pack and some great stunts. The korean are making some cool action flix those days not only explosion, and action all the time but with emotion into it. That what makes this film so cool it is action pack and I do love action film and the Koreans are getting good at it. A loose-canon cop (Kim Seok-hoon) battling a terrorist (Pak Sang-min) onboard a hijacked subway train. The terrorist is a former government eraser that the government tried, but failed, to erase, and he’s taken the train, and Seoul’s mayor, hostage to apparently have the plan be doomed from the start. the taking of Pelham 123, and die hard rolled into one. actually it is their Die hard, The Taking of Pelham 123 Korean style. Enjoy this one.


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