A film by Robert Guédiguian

Cast: Simon Abkarian, Virginie Ledoyen, Robinson Stévenin

Missak Manouchian an Armenian leads a bunch of immigrants in a clandestine battle against the Nazi. based on a true story it included an assassination against an SS General and some daring attacks. Great film one that I enjoy very much. Army of Crime is an account of a Paris account of world war II  of resistance fighters. The plot focuses primarily on the band’s Armenian-born leader, Missak Manouchian, who’s first arrested and then released from prison while his fighting, charmer girlfriend  (Virginie Ledoyen) watches in disbelief. Missak soon takes upon himself to get rid of the Nazis by killing them in the street in braod day light. He finds a pair of worthy soldier two young Jewish troublemakers, Marxist bomb-rigger Thomas (Gregory Leprince-Ringuet) and  sharpshooter Marcel (Robinson Stevenin). As their collected killings get  more brutal and violent, the SS-administered police begin to crack down on their network, by using  a local detective (played by Guediguian regular Jean-Pierre Darroussin).

Great performance here and you can tell that Jean-Pierre Melville has influenced Robert Guédiguian.





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