PANIC (2000)

A film by Henry Bromell.
Cast: William H. Macy, Neve Campbell, John Ritter.
I’ve got two jobs. I run a small mail – order business out of the house. Lawn ornaments, kitchen geegaws, sexual aids–things like that. And the rest of the time? I work for my father. I kill people. His psychiatrist says, “You’re kidding, right?” No, he is not kidding. He grew up in the family business. His father was a hit man, and he’s a hit man, too. Not even his wife knows; she believes the mail-order story. But now he’s in his 40s, has a young son he loves and wants to stop murdering for a living. Alex, is played by William H. Macy a great actor. Just right for this role. He spent his childhood afraid to stand up to his father, and in a sense his childhood has never ended. Alex himself, trying to keep everyone happy, trying to keep secrets. He meet a beautiful woman in the waiting room of his shrink. They strike a conversation. Alex pursuit her and tries to have an affair with her. His father mold him to be a hit man. now he wants his grand son to be one and waiting for Alex to do his duty to mold his son onto a hit man and he has no choice. So Alex has to do the unthinkable. A great film at that love this one to death.


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