A film by Alexandre Aja

Cast: Cécile De France, Maïwenn, Philippe Nahon 

A switchblade romance at its best. The story is simple a serial killer is on the loose (Philippe Nahon). Its takes place in a farmhouse isolated from everything, kill everybody and takes teenager Alexia (Maiwenn). Hot on his tail is Alexia’s now hysterical friend Marie (Cecile De France), who manage to escape the slaughter.

The first minutes of the film you will see a carnage in a great details. This is no ordinary slasher film there is not teenager getting laid than slashed not parties with drunken teenagers with their hormones raging. The story moves along just fine at a pace of a thriller. When suddenly you will be hit with a twist. The truth of the situation is told a little bit later on. Great performances here from all the actors especially Cécile De France not easy to act scared and make it believable when you are not. It is an homage at the 70’s horror film. The violence is real, brutal and macabre. The tension is built higher as the story develops. It is a cat and mouse game here never like this one before. It is a raw film at its purest form.





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3 thoughts on “HAUTE TENSION

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  2. One of my favorite slasher films. Funny thing is, whenever I loan it out, my friends brings it back shaking their heads at how good and twisted it is.


  3. Yes mine too A great slasher flix with a twist you do not see that too often


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