A Clockwork Orange is one of Stanley Kubrick’s greatest works about a gang of dangerous teenagers in future Britain. One member tries to get out and is beaten up and left for the police. He’s given the option to help the police find his old gang or stay in jail for a long time. Based on a novel of Anthony Burgess’s 1962 book of the same name, is, a futuristic film , probing into the nature of good and evil and questioning if a man with purely evil and grotesque thoughts can ever truly be rehabilitated. when the film was released in 1971, it received the ultra-rare X rating from the British Board of Film Classification. Both by limited budget and artistic decision, Kubrick and his director of photography John Alcott utilize natural light and handheld cameras to give the film a realistic and voyeuristic feel. 40 years after its release, you still see the Alex DeLarge Halloween costume every year.




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