A film by Abel Ferrara Cast: Harvey Keitel, Victor Argo, Paul Calderon This is the story of a cop who is not comfortable with his body and has a dying soul. He is a cocaine addict, drink like a fish, and he buys sex. The lieutenant has no illusion about himself he knows he is bad and abuse his power to get what he wants. A stick up is going on in the grocery stores he interrupts it sent the cop away and steal the money from the thieves. He sells drug dealers their immunity by taking drugs from them. There is an other scene where he stops 2 teenager girls for driving her parents car without permission nor driver licenses He threatens them to arrest them but instead engages in verbal sexual abuse and masturbates in front of them, only Keitel could pull that off. His life is spinning put of control he has to feed the need of drugs , sex, and alcohol. Life is going to end soon if he keeps up like that. He still lives in a comfortable middle-class home, with his wife and three children. How can that be possible I don’t know but I guessed they adjusted to it. Keitel starred in Martin Scorsese first film Mean Street 41 years ago, since then he has tackled roles like this one where no actor wouldn’t touch , he bear all in this one most of his film he bares all, he has the balls to tackle roles like this one, he has taking risk like no other actor has taken, yet you see a awesome performance from him in the is film.


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