The whole town of Blackstone is afraid, because they lynched Bret Dixon’s brother – and he is coming back for revenge! At least that’s what they think.A great Johnny Hallyday and a very interesting, early Mario Adorf star in this Italo-Western, obviously filmed in the Alps. Bret Dixon is coming back to Blackstone to investigate why his brother was lynched. He is a loner and gunslinger par excellance, everybody is afraid of him – the Mexican bandits (fighting the Gringos that took their land!) as well as the “decent” citizens that lynched Bret’s brother. They lynched him, because they thought he stole their money instead of bringing it to Dallas to the safety of the bank there. But this is is only half the truth, as we find out in the course of this psychologically interesting western. Still, I enjoyed it very much and gave it an 7/10.


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