Bookie and restaurant owner, Louis (Danny Aiello), truly does not like the food that the chef is preparing, but all of New York is raving about it and the money is pouring in. The problem is the chef is his son Udo (Edoardo Ballerini). But this is nothing because other son, Duncan (Kirk Acevedo) has found himself in debt; large debt and to the wrong group of people. One evening, this group comes to dine and Louis’s restaurant. With little fanfare, they inform him that unless Louis hands over a share of his now booming restaurant, somebody will die. This will be bad for business they tell Louis. But what is he to do? His options don’t look very good. A genre film, but it tries to tell a story from a different angle – not through tough guys and excessive violence but through a character-driven drama with several different perspectives. Director Bob Giraldi is actually the owner of the restaurant “Gigino” where the movie takes place. Was filmed in only 21 days.


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