Posted in Films from 30’s to 60’s, French film, New Wave Cinema


Jean Gabin plays a retired race track gambler (Tulipe) who spends his time in his hobby garden. When he is approached by some relatives to “lauder” counterfeit Francs, he reluctantly develops a grandiose scheme to exchange the “blossoms” into real cash at the tracks. A film without violence for the whole family.



I first stated this site with 2 friends but I am the only one now taking care of it. I love movies sometimes that is all I talk about. I love TCM the best station ever. I am studying to be an Infographics/special effect for movies. I will put the best films on my website no exception. It is like I am evolving with it, I am constantly redoing stuff on it. So have fun with it and thank you for visiting.

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