LE TATOUE (1968)

…But come on, it has Mr Funes in it. And as far as this comedian is engaged, it can’t get wrong. I can’t recall any movie with Mr Louis de Funes, which was not enjoyable. At least to my taste. Antiquarian was enriched in the trade of naïve painting, Félicien Mezeray meets at the painter’s Dubois’s, the ancient legionnaire of the name of Legrain, come to make portraiturer, and who carries a genuine Modigliani tattooed on the back. Immediately seen, immediately sold to two American collectors, Smith and Larsen. As the ex-serviceman is reticent « to sell the skin », Mezeray offers him to patch up his villa in exchange for this unique work of art. But he ignores that the home being discussed is a castle of the xie century in ruins, ancestral home of the bad-tempered and misanthropic legionnaire who is be in reality the last count of Montignac … Funny, buddies storie You will have a good time. familly movie.


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