U.S title the big swag. An other great film by Bourvil My grandfather favorite actor beside Jean Gabin. Louis Bourdin, a humble subway ticket puncher at RATP, boastful but cowardly, working at the station Quai de la Rapee. He is so fond of detective stories he wrote one himself. He adopted the pseudonym of Lenormand, and his novel entitled “Rape in the RATP”: the imaginary history of robbery of the train to Finance, which collects daily recipe stations at the end of service, flight he describes with great detail. He proposed to several publishers. Disdaining the latter, he will receive, unwisely, a different profession … grateful, but dangerous! Wounded by the refusal of publishers, and by the taunts of his colleagues, despite Bourdin encouraged by real gangsters to carry out the plan described in his novel, to ensure his literary success, and seduce Angélique, the punching of the dock opposite. In the cafe facing the prison of Health, bringing the name of good health, he tries to approach a gangster released from prison by slipping him the plan of action in his jacket pocket. But his choice is made quickly on a famous gangster, Filippi, true “aristocrat of crime”. Approach it the same way in a bowling alley, it is very interested in the script and wants to follow to the letter. But it requires Bourdin to become an accessory to enable its realization and follow the plan outlined in the novel. Family film you will love it.

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