A film by Paul Schrader.
Cast: George C. Scott, Peter Boyle and Season Hubley.
Jake Van Dorn (played by George C. Scott) is a businessman from the American heartland.
His daughter takes a trip to California has gone missing so Jake hires a private detective to find Her. He finds her alright acting in a porno movie. he has to tell her father. And the story goes from there. It is the story of a father’s nightmare Not only his daughter is found missing but he discover that she is making porn movie 2 nightmare into one. well played by George C. Scott who delivers a superb performance. Peter Boyle gives an excellent performance as a private detective and peter and George deserved each other in this film.Back in the day the censor was a little tough on movies. but now some of the scene are a little lame. back then the movie was shocking and it is still a movie that stands out today. It is directed and written by Paul Schrader.


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