A film by Peter Yates

Cast: Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern 

You have 4 best friends just got out of high school does not know what to do with their life. They live in the college town of Bloomington, Indiana, they are considered “cutters”: the working class of the town so named since most of the middle aged generation, such as their parents, worked at the local limestone quarry, which is now a swimming hole. One of them is trying to court a girl in who goes to college and trying to train for the big bicycle race. The cutters against the rich. Terrific movie great performance by Daniel Stern. Dennis Quaid had a few movies under his belt already. I love this film because I love biking still do it from time to time. We were all young once back them and this movie brings back some good times. This film a little jewel. You have Dennis Quaid was a high school football star who pretends he doesn’t want to play college ball, but he does; Then Jackie earl haley who pretend he doen’t want to be taller but he does; Then Daniel stern who talk funny at times. Dave finds out he is in love with a fraternity girl and pretend that he is an Italian exchange student. This is where the jokes fly  his father tells him he didn’t raise him to be Italian so he can eat spaghetti Dave even rename the dog Fellini . Any way the film goes on the big race bicycle race  Cutters vs. Fraternity. A great little film were you are going to have a good time.



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