A film by Takashi Miike.
Cast: Shô Aikawa, Riki Takeuchi, Renji Ishibashi.
Without a home and feeling no obligation to Japanese society or Yakuza, Ryuichi (Takeuchi Riki) and his small group decide to make their own place by trying to take over the Shinjuku underworld and the drug trade from Taiwan. As they plan an all-out-assault on the remaining Chinese and Japanese mafia kings, only Detective Jojima (Aikawa Sho) stands between them and complete domination. Dead or Alive” has the wild, nasty sweep of an adult-theme animated. it includes a prostitute splattered with feces as well as bestiality and a party at a grave site. The first five minutes – jacked up with a grinding electric guitar that sounds like something you’d get if you hit the rock setting on an electronic keyboard – feature a woman’s body plunging off a roof onto the street; cocaine being snorted down the length of a bar; a stripper doing nasty things; two men having sex in a restroom soon covered with blood; and gunmen pulling machine guns out of a supermarket’s vegetable crisper before a slaughter, Rock-N-Roll baby! After the stripper’s act, a clown hits the stage and flings knives at an almost naked man strapped to a revolving table That is turned by a guy on a bicycle at the extreme fast speed tha t is impossible to do in real life. When the table comes to a stop, a different and fully clothed man has replaced the first. audition his previous movie I have not seen it ye t but will I heard is great.


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