A film by Pierre Jolivet

Cast: Roschdy Zem, Leïla Bekhti, Marc Lavoine
Lucas is 46. A great cop, running arms trafficking in Marseille. Maya is 25. A young narc in Paris. As they often do, guns meet drugs. And Lucas will meet Maya. Not by accident Lucas knows that she is in Paris and his asking for her help in a case that he is working on. Busts, heists, informants… their investigations will become entangled. So will their lives.
Nice film However, the viewer is embedded in the strange face-to-face with a father and his daughter. Between them, there is not a reunion (they passed only three times), rather than a meeting. With shame, to hide the guilt and anger Lucas Maya, exchanges on the survey are used as a screen behind which both occur without a word quietly, without a tender gesture. It will require extreme conditions for Lucas finally dares to touch and Maya say these simple words: “My daughter.”

The interpretation saves this film a detective story without relief. After Fred, My small business, Filles uniques and The Very Very Big Company, Pierre Jolivet Zem found Roschdy Zem for the role of Lucas. The actor gives a real density to his character, which suggests, after a distinguished career in the police, the weight of secrets and failures.


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