RIO BRAVO (1959)

A film by Howard Hawks.
Cast: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson.
You have a cripple, a drunk, and a gunfighter Who is trying to hold off a gang who is trying to free their brother out of jail. And you have this terrific western.
This is hawks’s master piece. it is rewriting the story of this movie called high noon. John Carpenter once claimed that the scene of Martin’s “redemption” was the greatest moment in all of cinema. He might be right. It is not difficult to appreciate why Hawks has used substantially the ‘Rio Bravo’ plot, with only minor variations in both his subsequent Westerns, ‘El Dorado’ and ‘Rio Lobo’ which is fine, nothing wrong with that.’Rio Bravo’ is an action Western, which captures a legendary West that fits the legendary talents of Wayne and Hawks. It has John wine best performance ever in this film.
there is one thing if you watch the movie There are only two close-ups in the movie: Joe firing his gun and Dude’s hands trying to roll a cigarette. Then for the first four full minutes of film (including credits) there is no dialog. This was Howard Hawks’ first film in four years. After the critical and box office failure of Land of the Pharaohs, Hawks took a break from directing and lived in Europe. Quentin Tarantino has said that before he enters into a relationship with a girl, he always shows her ‘Rio Bravo’ and if she doesn’t like it, there is no relationship. actually I should do that to see what happens.
I must of  seen that Western about five times it is still great to see it again never got bored with it and never will.


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