A film by Stephen Frears
Cast: John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso.
High Fidelity follows the ‘mid-life’ crisis of Rob, a thirty-something record-store owner who must face the undeniable facts – he’s growing up. In a hilarious homage to the music scene, Rob and the wacky, offbeat clerks that inhabit his store expound on the intricacies of life and song all the while trying to succeed in their adult relationships. Are they listening to pop music because they are miserable? Or are they miserable because they listen to pop music? This romantic comedy provides a whimsical glimpse into the male view of the affairs of the heart.The film is a highly humorous and informative look at men, relationships and love.”High Fidelity” is based on a 1995 novel by Nick Hornby, a London-based writer, and is directed by Stephen Frears, also British. Frears and his screenwriters (D.V. Devincentis, Steve Pink, Cusack and Scott Rosenberg) have transplanted the story to Chicago so successfully that it feels like it grew organically out of the funky soil of Lincoln Avenue and North Halsted. This is a film about the only obsessed clerks in record stores, but the video store clerks who have seen all the movies, and the bookstore employees who have read all the books. The John Cusack character is someone I used to know in college.
That why I can relate to it so well.


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