KONTROL (2003)

A film by Nimród Antal Ghost

Cast: Sándor Csányi, Eszter Balla, Zoltán Mucsi

Trains and ghostly characters, Hookers and shady characters figuratively speaking of course, are what run through the perpetual night of this underground metro system in Hungary . Bulcsú’s (Sándor Csányi) life that once was, on the surface, where the real people go home after work, who go to the movies or a fine restaurant is now replaced by the dark, cold and solitude arena of his new dwellings. He, and his motley crew of ragtag metro ticket Kontrollers must patrol the trains that run these City dwellers back and forth and with daily ritual, check that no one dare come down into their world for a free ride. With indifferent passengers, a possible love interest, a regime set on competition and to top it all a mysterious serial killer at large, Kontroll is a dark and bleak comedy of the world of the ticket inspector, who, in the end must keep this Metro system running. If not, what would be the worst that could happen, if they ever lost control? Dare you ride here for free, too?
“Kontroll,” which takes place entirely within the Budapest subway system, such a subterranean world has a permanent population.
The trains are run on an honor system, and inspectors with red and black armbands prowl the underground, asking riders to show their tickets. Many riders consider the trains to be free and treat the inspectors like vagrants asking for a handout. basically like the one in Paris.
There is a killer in the system, a hooded figure who emerges from the shadows to push passengers in front of trains. He seems to know the underground as well as the kontrollers and, like the Phantom of the Opera, to occupy his own hidden world. “Kontroll” is the first work by a director who is clearly gifted and who has found a way to make a full-bore action movie on a limited budget; there are no special effects in the movie, all of the trains are real, and I gather at one point when we see Bulscu barely crawling onto a platform ahead of a moving train, he is really doing exactly that.
great film I am going to see it again.


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