A film by Henry Levin.
Cast:  Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford, Millard Mitchell.

Joe Hufford gets involved in a nightclub brawl, kills a man in self defense, and is sent to prison for manslaughter, to the dismay of district attorney George Knowland who realizes Joe had an incompetent lawyer who should have gotten him off by proving self-defense. Later, Knowland becomes warden of the prison Joe is in, and makes him a Trusty and his chauffeur. An snitch who told the warden that 4 prisonner is going to escape and got them killed is afraid for his life and the warden offer him a job in his office. But when the warden figures out what is all the commotion is about he return to his office, he finds the snitch dead and Joe there (who had 3 weeks to go before his parole).

Terrific film with Glenn. A remake of Howard Hawks’ 1931 The Criminal Code. Yes they did do remake back then. Joe Hufford (Glenn Ford) prison life is grinding him down and he decides to join in a break out. But he ends up in solitary after assaulting a guard minutes after learning his father has died, so escapes the destiny of his comrades, who are slaughtered.. Later they find out a snitch gave them up.
Next, a change of regime: the new warden is none other than good-hearted knowland (Crawford) and with newfound liberties as a trusty he grows sweet on Crawford’s daughter (Dorothy Malone). But the skies have not yet cleared, because there’s a movement to kill Faylen the snitch for causing the deaths of the men involved in the prison break……
Nice performances from the actor A film that many does not know exist. Could not find a trailer for it here is the full movie.

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