GALIA (1968)

A film by George Lautner.
Cast: Mireille Darc, Venantino Venantini, Françoise Prévost.

Galia a free spirited woman who lives in Paris finds a woman drowning and brings her to her apartment. She finds out that the woman who she saved wants to dies because her husband Greg is cheating on her. Galia propose to her to spy on her husband to find out his reaction when he finds out she is missing. She decided to meet her but unexpectedly fell in love with him.
Okay Anne Fontaine rewrote the story as Natalie Which was pretty good. And there is nothing wrong with that I do not know If she knew that she did that as for Galia I like this one fun to watch and a great ending. I love to see old movie so I can see Paris in the 60’s it is awesome. Mireille Darc plays an independent woman free spirited. At the time it was groundbreaking.


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