Georges Lautner is a French director and screenwriter, born January 24, 1926 at Nice and died November 22, 2013 in Paris.
Attracted from the beginning to the comedy, Lautner is best known for having imaged the most famous replica Michel Audiard (their most famous partnership remains the Tontons gunslingers). His forays into other genres (including The Professional 1981 or House murdered in 1988) also experienced success with the public. This prolific artisan remains a key figure in the French comedy of post-war (with Gérard Oury).

Georges Lautner is the son of Leopold Lautner (1893-1938), Viennese-born jeweler and aviator who participates in airshows (it will be a fighter pilot during the First World War), and actress Marie-Louise Vittore (which appears under the name Renée Saint-Cyr in eleven films of his son). In 1933, after having spent part of his childhood in the South, he moved to Paris with his mother, who will start his film career that year and experience a success with The Two orphans. It was at this time that he discovered the cinema and frequent cinemas, but this happy period will be tarnished by the death of his father, 17 July 1938 in a plane crash.

During the Second World War, he was educated at the Lycée Janson de Sailly in Paris.
After the liberation of Paris, Lautner, after obtaining a Bachelor Science philosophy, turns to film. His film debut in 1945 are as decorator in The Road prison, Léon Mathot. In 1947, he was forced to quit his odd jobs to go do his military service in Austria and will do an internship projectionist 16 mm. Then he was sent to film armed Service (ACS) in Paris, alongside Claude Lecomte and Marcel Bluwal. Out of the army, his experience in film is to become in 1949 the second assistant director Sacha Guitry for The Treasure of Cantenac. During the 1950s, it continues to be assistant director (The Dressers Emmaus, meet on the set stuntman Henry Cogan, became his faithful friend and collaborator), and made ​​appearances in films like Captain Ardant. In 1958, the production manager Maurice Juven notices and entrusted him with the realization of La Môme aux boutons, shot in a month with actors boulevard. Unfortunately, the first feature film Lautner was a commercial failure. After this first test, the filmmaker is given by Juven achieving de Marche ou créve. This adaptation of a novel by Jack Murray, the director signed with Pierre Laroche (who collaborated on five films of the director), Lautner’s considered the first true realization. The film absorbs the failure of previous, allowing him to perform with his team Stop drums. This film marks the beginning of his collaboration with cinematographer Maurice Fellous.B ut in 1961 it will be known to the general public with Black Monocle. Adapted from a novel by Colonel Rémy, this thriller with Paul Meurisse in the role of “Monocle” French secret agent, is a commercial success and has two sequel. In 1962, he shot The Seventh Juror, psychological drama with Bernard Blier.

Hid way of shooting the movie he does close up (back then they were not doing close up too much) so you could see the facial expression on the actor face and the dialogue that he would deliver. In 1963, Perry offers him the realization of Les Tontons Flinguers. Lino Ventura (replacing Jean Gabin after a disagreement with Lautner), Bernard Blier, Jean Lefebvre, and Francis Blanche in the distribution and Michel Audiard dialogues. The film, top of the parody thriller, was a success and became a classic cult film of French cinema. He meets at the same time Mireille Darc and rotates in a dozen films (Dandelions by the root, The Barbouzes, the new album Lautner Audiard-Ventura-Blier-White group, Galia, a film about sexual liberation, Ne nous fâchons pas et La Grande Sauterelle entre autres). Also the 70’s brought success to Lautner film like il etais un foie un flic, the professionel, Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles, La Valise, Les Seins de glace, On aura tout vu et Mort d’un pourri. the half of the 80’s marked the end of an era Michel Audiard died in 1985. After a difficult shoot with Alain delon, Lautner turn to Jean-paul Belmondo. In 1979 dans Flic ou Voyou. They became friends , Belmondo et Lautner sign 3 more film like Le Guignolo, Le Professionnel, énorme succès en 1981 et Joyeuses Pâques.

He died in Paris the 22 of Novenber 2013 after a long illness caused by cancer. Belmondo was there to say goodbye.


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