GOMORRA (2008)

A film by Matteo Garrone.
Cast:  Gianfelice Imparato, Salvatore Abruzzese, Toni Servillo.
English Title: Gomorrah
“Gomorrah” is a film about Italian criminals killing one another. One death after another. Remorseless. Strictly business. This is a great piece of art of an italian film. question arises: How are there enough survivors to carry on the business? Another question: Why do willing recruits submit themselves to this dismal regime? That is because they are poor they need the money and there is always an other to take theplace of the dead one. as for the first question I think they have to trained the newcomer a little faster. The film is cross in between The godfather and scarface. The characters are the foot soldiers of the Camorra. , the crime syndicate based in Naples that is larger than the Mafia but less known. Its revenues in one year are said to be as much as $250 billion. The final shot suggests that the Camorra is invested in the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. The film is based on fact, not fiction. “Gomorrah,” which won the grand prize at Cannes 2008 and the European Film Award, is an enormous hit in Europe. It sold 500,000 tickets in France, which at $10 a pop makes it a blockbuster. It got passed on to the academy and got an nomination for best foreign film. That is its power. Roberto Saviano, who wrote the best seller that inspired the movie, went undercover, used informants, even worked as a waiter at their weddings. His book named names and explained exactly how the Camorra operates. Now he lives under 24-hour guard, although as the Roman poet Juvenal asked, “Who will guard the guards?”I guess more guards or the Army and the guards. Matteo Garrone, the director, films in the cheerless housing projects around Naples. No doubt New York and federal officials sat down to cordial meals with Camorra members while deciding the World Trade contracts, and were none the wiser. We follow five strands of the many that Saviano. There is an illegal business in the disposal of poisonous waste. A fashion industry that knocks off designer lines and works from sweatshops. Drugs, of course. And then we meet teenagers who think they’re tough and dream of taking over locally from the Camorra. And kids who want to be gangsters when they grow up. The teenagers know De Palma’s “Scarface” by heart. 2 of them wants to do what they want to do they do not want to answer to the Camorra. There is no life to lead. People gets killed for no reason. there are rivals gangs and they steal from each other. the film has realism in it. Every godfather in real life you know who they are you seen them in pictures in Newspaper the men running the Camorra are unknown even to those who die for them. Great film. It will make you think. Producer Harvey Weinstein’s company has acquired the right to develop the film’s story into a possible series for American TV.








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One thought on “GOMORRA (2008)

  1. Riveting review, this sounds like something I’d enjoy watching.


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