DINNER (1982)

A film by Barry Levinson.
Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon.
Young men in particular seem to regard women with a combination of admiration, desire, and dread that is quite out of their control. Back in the 50’s young men went to a diner and consume cheese burger and fries, coke chocolate malteds, Lucky Strikes, and loud arguments about football teams and pop singers. “Diner” is a story about several such young men, who live in Baltimore. They share one awkward problem: They are growing up, painfully and awkwardly, at an age when they are supposed to have already grown up. Adolescence lasts longer for some people, Those guys are best friends and they are going to take on the world and they are going to go to school in the fall, jobs and even marriage are coming their ways. “Diner” is structured a lot like “American Graffiti”. It is the adolescence kicking and they are after casual sexual encounters? getting drunk and hang over. It is quite clear that they must go on with their lives without the comfort of the diner. All of the scenes in the diner were filmed last after the cast got to know each other. The dialog in those scenes is a combination of scripted and improvisational. Ellen Barkin said in 2000 that her character Beth remains the closest to how she felt in real life of any role she had ever played. Great little film there.

Diner – Behind the Scenes documentary

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