A film by : Ethan CoenJoel Coen.

Cast : Michael StuhlbargRichard KindSari Lennick

Bloomington, Minnesota, 1967: Jewish physics lecturer Larry Gopnik is a serious man. His wife is leaving him for his best friend. His son is listening to rock ‘n’ roll in Hebrew school. His daughter is stealing money for a nose job. His gun-nut neighbor  scare thee hell out of him. His brother-in-law is sleeping on the sofa. The wife of his other neighbor is sex-crazy ! Let me tell you where was that woman the sex crazed one in my neighborhood? I had the drunk frigid one next door to me.  what a dysfunctional  family where can I find one? I think this man need a pill or to see a doctor.  Michael Stuhlbarg this great actor that he is carries this picture very well. It is a dark comedy about a dude who is serious has a dysfunctional family and a sexy crazed sex neighbor on one side on the other a gun freak. well welcome to a wonderful movie. He ca not believe that is happening to him. Where can he find happiness ( simple on this one get a bimbo and a bottle a gin) , He is depressed and what else is going to go wrong?  I don’t know the Ass doctor who is going to move across the street. This film is a rich and funny. You will have a great time but remember it is a dark comedy from the Coen brother an intelligent dark comedy. 


A Serious Man




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