Paris texas

A film by Wim Wenders.

Cast: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell .

A man comes walking out of the desert, he wears jeans and a baseball cap. This man, whose name is Travis,(Harry Dean Stanton) was once married and had a little boy. It all went to hell and he lost his wife and child. He wandered the land for 4 years until his brother got the call that Travis was in a clinic in the desert a rat home of a town.

Great film. The story is simply told. After his brother fetch him his brother got up and started walking when his brother started asking him question. He will not speak. When he does is when he finds out about his son Hunter. His son lives with his brother and his wife. So far we know piece of the story. Hunter was left by Travis’s wife (Natassja Kinski). As the story goes on we know more and all your question are answered. Travis is not insane in the beginning of his marriage it was happy times but his drinking and jealousy killed it. He stayed at the Hendersons to gain their trust. He walks home from school a cool little scene there. When he is in his pick up he decided to go to see to search for Jane with his son so he can reunite them. Will he succeed that is the question? Here is the thing the screen play is from Sam sheppard a guy who loves the open road and movies. The film the searcher where a man walks the desert searching a woman taking by the Indians. Sam Sheppard was inspired by this movie in order to write his screenplay in modern time. the heroes are misguided by their quest not quite understanding the role of the woman. Travis tells the story to Jane but can’t look at her he has a great monologue there that kick ass big time Sheppard know how to write them. Enjoy this one.




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