OSLO AUGUST 31 (2011)


A film by   Joachim Trier

Cast: Anders Danielsen Lie, Hans Olav Brenner, Ingrid Olava

One day in a life of Anders a recovering addict 2 weeks in who is getting a leave from his treatment center to go to an interview for a job and to catch up with friends in Oslo.

Here is a great film. Here is a young man who is a drug and alcohol addict who gets out of his treatment center for a job interview. Here is a simple story from Joachim Trier which is inspired by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle’s novel Le Feu Follet.” Anders goes back to see a friend as he enters his house you can see the awkwardness setting in as they talk about the old time and how they are proud of him for getting clean. You can sense that his friend could of hit bottom like Anders in the old days as he said I have my wife and kid now who keeps me busy all day. When he goes to the park his friend Thomas says ti him that his life with his wife and kid is not what it seems. Basically don’t do it he says to him. those scenes are priceless with those 2 great actors. He goes to the interview and should have bee making peace with what he was before. He tries to see a friend a girl that he connected before his ex but that didn’t work to well so he goes to a party and temptation of alcohol and drugs are there. As the story goes along you see that Anders is lonely and loneliness can lead to other things. Oslo  august  31 presents us the frustration; anxiety, frustration, of a drug addict into recovery. I must say the only addiction I have is watching too much movie and series. That is healthy to me so far. An other great film by Joachim Trier.




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