A  film by Joon-ho Bong.

Cast : Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton. 

Global warning has arrived and the earth is frozen and cold. No one can survive in the cold, the only way to survive is to board the train who never stops and goes around and around the world and if you board the train they will be food, shelter, and heat.

Here is the story 30 years ago a French guy and his friends was working for a comic book called À suivre one of his boss told him to do a story and draw it he came up with Le tranperceneige (snowpiercer) so he draws and writes a series of them. It didn’t become big in France unfortunately. Meanwhile back in Korea director Joon-Ho Bong calls the editor in France and tells him he want to buy the right go the stories of Le Transperceneice but here is the thing the comic book was never translated in any languages somehow it got bootlegged in Korea. Now it is a smart Sci-Fi film and you do not see that too often those days. It is an interesting journey pack with eccentric characters and with an eyeful of sights. The earth is frozen solid and the only way for relieve and heat is on a train design by the billionaire named Wilford (Ed Harris). He build his train and his railroad before the catastrophe happen.  The story does not tell how the engine not the rail has been maintained for the last 18 years but so far so good. A strict class system has been taking place, Wilford is in the front od the train where the engine is the rest of the passages get what they paid for. The first-class passengers occupy the most luxurious compartments in the front, and the economy class passengers are the next in line, and the free passengers, who can be regarded as the 99% class of the train, are stuck in the tail compartments with little support and little food well Protein bars only. Curtis, ( Chris Evans ) in his grittiest performance, is a young rebellious man, and wants to get to the engine room he is looking for a chance a window of opportunity. But it is not easy they have to pass a full mass of enforcers if they get there alive. There is a great fighting slashing and dicing scene in a compartment in such little place. later on you will know what the protein bar are made of this remind me of the movie Soylyent Green. The movie is based on the French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige” by Jacque Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette.I specially like the scene where the children goes to school and the song that they sing it is a little bit eccentric but fun to watch.  This is a French, Korean and U.S. Production. Tilda Swinton embraces her despicable character with the attitude of mean British headmistress, and she is fearless a terrific performance at that. As always a great performance from John hurt. well a great choice by Joon-Ho Bong.




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