A film by Jean-Pierre Melville.

Cast: Pierre Grasset, Christiane Eudes, Ginger Hall Jean-Pierre Melville.

A french diplomat and a resistance hero has disappear from the U.N. Moreau’s boss (Jean-Pierre Melville) tells him see if he can find him. Moreau goes around and asked question to find out that no one has see him. He goes to his buddies apartment hard drinking photographer Delmas (Pierre Grasset), Together they search Manhattan to find this missing diplomat.

An other film noir from Jean-Pierre Melville, and I do love his film noir.  Later in an interview he said that was the weakest one of them all. Melville known  for The samurai, Bob The Flambeur, the red circle, un flic , and he might be right but it is still a good film. I love those old film you get to see New York back in 1959 with those big Cadillac with fins and Neaon lights every were, there is some great shot of New York at the beginning of this film.  Jean-Pierre Melville plays Moreau and didn’t do to bad of a job in this one, his english see pretty good the only thing is that some American actors weren’t professional looks like they were rookie because their acting and their lines were not so good having said that I still enjoy this movie. Here is the thing Melville di not like the daytime he loved the night, he was an insomniac would sleep some during the day and work at night however this movie was shot at night Melville did not like to shoot during the day he hated it with the passion but if he had too he had too. Melville plays with the shadows very well terrific cinematography. the Jazzy score definitely great, and I do have it on CD. I which Melville had done more role in his film like I said he was not bad at all in this one.  Melville didn’t like his looks specially his eyes that why he was wearing ray ban sun glasses most of the time. Give this one a try and get back to me if you liked it.




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