A film by Volker Schlöndorff.

Cast: Bruno Ganz, Hanna Schygulla, Jean Carmet. 

Laschen (Bruno Ganz) , a German journalist, travels to the city of Beirut during the fights between Christians and Palestinians to produce an article about the situation. With his photographer he meets people, soldier, kids, and discover that the war has an ugly face. Also he is trying to figure out his personal life, his marriage seems on the rocks.

Here is a great film By Schlõndorff who won a caesar for best foreign film in Cannes. It was shot in Beirut in 1980 where the war was still going on but not as strong ad in 1974 when it started. It is shot like a documentary film, about a journalist who leaves Germany and  leaves behind his marriage, which is in a crisis sometimes you see the flashback he is thinking about it. The director has done a great job, you see how the people are trying to live under the circumstances and the dead people on the street, the civilian that are mistreated even killed. There is a few surprises in this film which I am not saying you are going to have to see the movie. There is no positive message in this but you see the atrocity of war and what it can do to people when a civil war is going on in their country. The bombing the journalist in constant danger the soldier are trying to protect them. Beirut as one told me who used to live there it used to be a beautiful city but now it is a total disaster. Great acting from the cast.




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