ugly, dirty, and bad

A film by Ettore Scola

Cast: Nino Manfredi, Maria Luisa Santella, Francesco

Italian title: Brutti, Sporchi e Cattivi.

Four generation of a family lives in a crowded tin can of a house in the inner city of Rome basically in the ghetto. The family engages in various crimes as incest, theft, trying to murder each other, drugs, adultery, Kinky sex and more you name it they did it well you have to try it once right, that must been their motto.

What a family this film is design to shock people and to make fun of poor people. But remember it is just a movie for entertainment purposes. At the beginning of the film there is the mother who shows naked picture of her daughter to her sons who drools over it and makes all kind of comments about her. And yes says the mother she makes money at least. The Father who got a Million Lires  for his damage eye and everyone in the family wants to get their hands on it. Meanwhile he uses the money to indulge himself. His sons are screwing one of his other sons wife while later on he is going to screw her. It is so crowded that there is no privacy nor intimacy, they are walking over each other at times and some are just having sex while other are doing other thing. The fact of the matter is that there are no future for the kids , they will grow up in this mess and stay in this mess. There is quiet a few horrors in this film but I am not going to get to them you are going to have see this movie.




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