A film by Stanley Kramer

Cast: Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel

Joker Jackson (Tony Curtis) and Noah Cullen (Sidney Poitier) one white the other black two prisoner on a chain gang can not get among is a matter of fact they can’t stand each other. After a truck prison accident, they flee and are pursued by the police. They have to depend on each other, but soon enough in order to survive they are going to have to get along. eventually they get rid of their chains and finally respect each other by becoming friends.

58 years later The Defiant Ones still delivers a powerful message about racial tolerance. See back the on the chain gang they didn’t put together white and black, 2 black guys were chain together and the whites were chain together because in jail convicts hate each other  on the grounds of race. There for the story purpose they have a black and white chain together on the top of that they release the film in 1958 were they were much hated for black people. Joker comes from a background where he has it easy on the other hand Noah comes from a back poor background. The two has great chemistry. Noah wants to get back to his family he has been arrested for assault and battery on the other hand Joker was charge of stealing and lived a charmed life. Then there is pressure for the sheriff to get those guy back in jail, the dogs are called and the chase is on. The manhunt is concentrated  on Joker and Noah’s gradual friendship. The defiant oneshas a very impressive black and white cinematography. This film has won two academy award one for best cinematography and bestoriginal screenplay.

Actors Tony Curtis, Cara Williams and Sidney Poitier are shown in a scene from the 1958 film "The Defiant Ones"



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