Fruitvale station

A film by Ryan Coogler

Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer 

Oscar Grant III (Micheal B. Jordan) a 22-year-old Bay Area resident in Oakland gets up in the morning in December 31 2009. Tried to get his old job back because he got fired for being late. In the process it is his mom’s birthday and he has to buy crabs for dinner tonight. He struggle to see if he should sell the last of his dope to a friend of his and in a form of a flashback you see him in jail getting ready to see his mom visiting. Later after celebrating his mother’s birthday his goes out with his friends and takes the train to New York. On the way  back an incident happens in the train and all hell breaks loose.

First this film has a documentary feel to it, a day in the life of Oscar Grant III on the last of the years of 2009. I remember one of my boss at work telling me about what happen in Oakland county in 2009 i forgot to follow up the story but I heard that there has been a riot in Oakland. The beginning of this film starts with footage of cell phone filming the incident Bay Area Rapid Transit cops beating Oscar and his friends on a subway platform ends with a gunshot. the rest of the film starts at the day the 24th December 1999 in a life of Oscar Grant III.  Oscar was struggling with his life he got out of jail for selling drugs and was trying got a job which he got fired for been late too many times but his boss won’t have it and does not get him back. Being black in America is not easy if you are getting out of jail and trying to get a job. Oscar was trying to make a go of it , he had people who loved him and wanted him to succeed and it got all taking away from him within seconds. Is a matter of fact the director Ryan Coogler was there at the time it happened. You see Oscar dresses like a home boy ride his car listening the radio loudly but he is not a thug like most people would think. Micheal B. Jordan understood Oscar and played him right on target. The res tof the actors Melonie Diaz and Octavia Spencer did a great job on this film they out done themselves. This film will make you think twice. The sad part is that Oscar left behind his family especially is daughter. This shouldn’t have happened.




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