the wolf of wall street

A film by Martin Scorsese

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie 

Queens-raised Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Dicaprio) tried and failed to establish himself on Wall Street in a more traditional way. He got laid off in 1987 of the stock market crash. So he reinvented himself  on Long Island by taking over a penny stock boiler room and giving it an old money name, Stratton Oakmont. He gave confidence to his client the (middle class) and told him that they would get a lot of money in return. They were a total of 1000 stockbroker working there and a $1 billion of issued stock.  It is called the pump to dump technique you blowing the value of worthless stock driving it to the roof by buying and having his client buy the stock taking the profit then it would go down and be worthless again and his client would loose money.  He made money all right in excess and live in excess his appetite for pleasure seems bottom less. At first you see him married to a respectable woman who does not approve of his financial schemes and infidelities. Later he divorces and marries  Naomi LaPaglia (Margot Robbie) . He loves alcohol, drugs and sex which he does in excess. He buys 5 cars like Ferrari an Lamborghini  5 or 6 homes across the world   and to top it all off a yacht. The film is 3 hours long give or take and one things happen after an other money : stock fraud and money laundering; trips to and from Switzerland to deposit cash in banks and yes there is the Quaalude well you get the point the thing is it is entertaining as hell. There is a scene with Mathew McConaughey who has a scene in the restaurant where he  thumps a drum pattern on his chest while rumble-singing a la Bobby McFerrin and later Belford follows him. Of course you beginning to think that rich people are sick in the head and if you were rich you would not do that yeah right! . Well Belford had a good run and had it all and lost it all was it worth it?


the wolf of wall street


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