jersey boy

A film by Clint Eastwood

Cast: John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, Michael Lomenda 

It is 1951 and Tommy Devito (Vincent Piazza) invites us in the old neighborhood were it all began. He narrates the story and that open the film. Like he said in my neighborhood there is 2 ways to end up either dead because you join the army and went to war , dead if you join the mob or makes something of yourself by singing. Here are 4 boys who are trying to find their want in into fame, trying to find their sound , themselves and the way to the top. The group is called the 4 seasons. It started like this Frankie valli (John Lloyd Young) hangs out with two bit Tommy DeVito (Vincent Piazza) who works for the mobster Gyp DeCarlo (Christopher walken)  and commits petty crimes while trying to stay out of trouble. Tommy looks out for Frankie, he has a band and tries to go to the next step to get the band a record deal. There is Nick (Michael Lomenda) and songwriter/performer Bob Guadio (Erich Bergen) who also narrates the story from time to time. Things went well so they thought but Tommy Devito was in debt and stealing money form the group. Thing went down from there. The four seasons went thought gambling debt, theft, mafia treat, family problem and still survive  though it all Clint told a good story. It is the adaptation from the play of the same name I think. The actors sang live on stage. Stage actors were used in this film no Hollywood big star name here. Funny how that is that Frank Sinatra began his singing career by singing in the clubs that Gyp owned. Great film a must see. Clint is Clint and he has done well.





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