A film by Yi’nan Diao

Cast: Fan Liao, Lun Mei Gwei, Xuebing Wang

1999 a cop newly divorced find himself investigating a murder involving body parts in a coal factory further more they found several body part in different coal factory around the province of Manchuria on the both side of the country. Caught in a shootout in a beauty saloon, and  the only one who survives, leaving the murder unsolved. Five years has past he becomes an alcoholic ,no longer a cop he crosses path with his colleagues who are investigating two other  murders who revolves around a window of a dead man in 1999. Now He can’t help himself to investigate.

Here is a great film who took L’ours d’or in Germany for best actor. Original film written and directed by Yi’nan Diao and well filmed. This a strange story where the bodies has been dismantled and found in different coal factories. The film features a cop traumatized by his divorce a pathetic and nervous man played by Fan Liao who is perfect for this role. The story moves on with the strange relationship with the widow. The film has a film noir feel to it. Diao has film the in the urban  abandoned street in the middle of winter, strange act and body language and some dark humor .  You see you have to see how other director from other country how they tell their story and how they film it. A lot of medium to long shot in this film. Not the usual extreme close up that hollywood movie does all the time. That is why I choose to watch other film from other countries. The film is base on the relationship and emotions of the window and the cop. There is a twist in the story which makes it so good. There is an other thing is the club who is called fireworks in the day time. The musical score fits perfectly for this slow and dark setting thriller.




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