edge of tomorow

A film by Doug Liman

Cast: Tom Cruise, Emily Hunt, Bill Paxton.

Base on the great novel All you need is kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka . An alien race has invaded the earth and are winning every battle against the human race. They are faster and have better strategies.  Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat in his life. The general sends him in the front line. Here is the thing he gets thrown in the front line with no training at all and he gets killed. But seconds later he wakes up and lives the same day all over again Hey this looks like groundhog day or source code all over again but no it is not. He goes back and saves Rita Vrataski (Emily hunts) Cage tries to tell her what is going on when she tell him “find me when you wake up” He does and get connected to Dr. Carter (Noah Taylor). who tells him they can beat them and how but the task become is next to impossible. I do not want to reveal too much about this film just in case you didn’t see it. Emily hunt ‘s character is this ultimate warrior who keeps in shape and trains everyday to better herself as the nickname of full metal bitch. The fight scenes are intense and well done as well as gruesome as hell some of them anyway. As for Tom Cruise character at first he didn’t want to go to the front line even though it is the order of the general once he is forced into it you see him scared as hell and sweating . Later on he becomes less scared and wants to train in order to succeed. Great performance by bill Paxton who play this Sergent. Emily hunts delivers a solid performance as well as the female warrior who will stop at nothing to win this war, to top it all off the chemistry between Cruise and Hunt is near perfect. This a 3D movie but i think 3D is going to be out soon like it was back in the 70’s 80’s.



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