under the skin

A film by Jonathan Glazer
Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy McWilliams, Lynsey Taylor Mackay . 

A mysterious woman seduces lonely men in the hour of the night in Scotland. She lures them under false pretenses to have sex with her. I really do not want to give away too much of the is film just in case you did not see it. When she lures them to a place where it is dark the men follow her as she undress as they do the same suddenly the go in into a black liquid. She goes back to pick up more men. She is monitored by a man in the motorcycle.

Here is a great film by Glaser and a terrific performance by Scarllet Johansson who’s character is emotionless. It is an adaptation of  Michel Faber’s novel Under the Skin. An original idea at its best. The camera brings a documentary feels to it. It takes place in the night in the dark street of Glasgow. She also goes in the country where she found an other man she makes sure to ask them if they got family or girlfriends. The cinematography is exceptional and beautiful but yet simple. Some will say that the story lacks of clarity and that the viewer will be frustrated and want more information. To me you do not need more information. Here is a teddy bit of information they put  small camera in the van and used real hitchhiker . Scarlett had a black wig on and used an other voice a little bit dangerous but she watched very carefully. She is the vamp femme fatale film noir with that wig on to me, it was perfect costume for her character. Do not get me wrong but this film is very bizarre it has a dark gritty look to it which fit perfectly the bill giving the story. The ending is perfect it end in the forest with some great cinematography. It has a film noir feel to it when I think about it. one guy left during the film I think he couldn’t take it anymore. overall an great original film for a change.




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