bon dieu

A film by Philippe de Chauveron

Cast: Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Ary Abittan 

English title: what did we do to god to deserve this? 

The Verneuils family are catholic. They are well off and well educated. They have 4 daughters, 3 are married well how am I going to put this to you they are not catholic like they wanted, one is jewish, one is Moroccan, and the last one is Chinese. So when the last daughter announced that she is going get married the parent feels relieved that he is catholic, BUT………..

Here is a great comedy you have Guess who’s coming to dinner which is a drama where the man is black who is going to get married to a white woman and meets her parents. So you can manipulate this like this comedy but a little bit differently you have 4 daughters who gets married to other race. This is not you typical vulgar comedy and the jokes are flying this is done intelligently. Sure you see there are families like this in France for quiet sometime now and there is typical French family who want their daughter or their son to married white spouses. There is some racist cliché joke in there sure but you have some good one too like the daughter who goes through a depression and cries for whatever reason. and a beautiful Ivorian family  who accumulates all the racist tics from the others. And the mother who watches documentary about Africa and their animals becomes more black and understand where they come from. Of course you have guessed it the last daughter is marring a black man. The cast is perfect and the country house where the parent lives with the land what a beautiful cinematography there. That what I love about France is their mansion and chateaux. If you want a good laugh get this one, although I do not know if it is in the U.S. yet.

bon dieu


Sorry the is trailer is in french. 


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