mortelle randonnee

A film by Claude Miller

Cast: Michel Serrault, Isabelle Adjani, Guy Marchand

English title: Deadly Circuit. 

A disillusioned private detective nicknamed “the Eye” works for the firm Schmidt-Boulanger. He spends his time dreaming and doing crossword puzzles while spending time  calling his ex-wife to give him information about the identity of their daughter of whom he has the only photo of her when she was little. He was given a case where a young man who is a young heir seduced by a mysterious woman the parents thinks she is a black widow.

A great film by Miller with Isabelle Adjani at 19 years old and she is quiet a character actress as well quiet a character herself in real life. Here is the thing the detective has a photo of his daughter when she was little after the divorce his wife took the daughter with her not to be seen again. Now a case surface of a young man who’s parents thinks that the young woman he is seeing is after his money and could be a black widow . So the detective tales the young man and finds out the worst. He thinks this could be his daughter so he follows through out France, Italy, etc…. he is dilution like he has been hypnotize, he knows that is wrong but can’t help himself and continue to follow her. It is like he found a surrogate daughter and calls her Marie the name of his daughter and start lying to his boss . An interesting neo-noir film Claude Miller. And the beautiful Adjani who delivers a stunning performance, and by the way she is still beautiful and delivers some great roles over the years. My Mom favorite actress as well as mine.


mortelle randonnee


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