jimmy's hall

A film by Ken Loach

Cast: Barry Ward, Simone Kirby, Andrew Scott

If you see Footloose, yes I know what Footloose who saw that movie, well this one is totally different and British. It is Part of history based on a true story. This is the story of Jimmy Gralton (Barry Ward) in 1932 after spending a decade in New York returns home in Ireland. Encouraged by young people of his town Jimmy reopen the hall that once for serve of a meeting place for teaching poetry, arts, and dancing. The hall becomes a huge success provides displeasure to the local priest father Sheridan (Norton) who thinks that Jimmy is a communist and a non believer. The local police, the town’s landlords and the church all united in violent against the hall, Jimmy finds his life, and those of his friends, in danger.

I head that is the last film of Ken Loach. Well We’ll see. It is a story with character driven. Jimmy comes back to his town an reopen the hall  a place with people who can learn to dance and read poetry among other thing like he said to his friends I want to live a quiet life but his friends knew better. Jimmy wanted to keep the hall open because he saw in the states the freedom that they were having of  speech among other things. So I thought it would be a good idea to reopen the hall thanks to those kids who wanted him too. But back then the church had power and the law was loose, they could do whatever they wanted to people. so a conflict is born between Jimmy and the priest about religion poetry and dancing. it got heated up.  The cinematography is beautiful and you feel like you were back in 1932. Nice going for Loach last movie. Happy retirement. But then again.

Jimmy's hall



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