SHAME (2011)


A film by Steve McQueen

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale

Brandon (Michael Fassbender ) a 30 something dude in shape who lives in Manhattan New York In a Sterile condo. He work in an office and has a computer on his desk do we know what his job is ? no so never mind that. at times you see Brandon and his boss David (James Badge Dale) at singles bars and yes David is not a pro at picking up woman, his pick up line are unnatural. Brandon does not say anything he just stand there to him it is not luck it is going to be about sex. Sexual addiction is a bitch for some people here Brandon is the only one being used 2 or 3 women are attracted to him the rest are hookers  and hookers are getting paid for the act. He can not connect with woman emotionally but sexually not a problem. He is cold to everybody his co-workers the hookers even in the subway were a woman makes eye contact and smile, he makes eye contact but does not smile. You see the title is right for this movie every sex addict feel ashamed for what the did to get their fix shame come up a lot. One day Brandon comes home to find his sister in his apartment and she is invading his privacy his shame. Sissy (Carey Mulligan) is completely the opposite of him. She is passionates, loves people, and uninhibited.  It is not easy to get into the role like that Great acting for Fassbender it took a lot of courage to go there. Carey Mulligan has done a great job here too as well as the director.




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