LOCKE (2013)


A film by Steven Knight

Cast: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson

My sister told me about a movie card either Gaumont or UGC you pay $27 a months unlimited at the movie theater in France, it adds up to $324 plus and one time registration fee of $40,  so I got back 2 years 1/2 after living in the states for 35 years, and  I kind of forgot about it. Now my cousin who loves to go to the movies and will see foreign movies in its original version with subtitle so do I tells me about the card, but take the one UGC MK2. So I did. This is how its works you go online and you subscribe once it is done they will sent you your card in the mail within 5 working days. You have to be careful here you are locked in for a year period. Now if next year you do not subscribe you have to tell them by mail 3 month ahead of time if you forget you are locked in for an other year. Now to go to the movies it cost you about with UGC Matinee $9 after 11 am $14 ,Gaumont has one price no matinee it is $15. Now by the time july ends I would have spent $165 and I only spent $27.Now with you card you can see also cult movie from back in the 40’s to 80’s. I know you don’t have that in the states. On the top of it I can use the card all over Europe plus some other good stuff. Also I can go to a ticket machine (see pictures below ) and get my tickets there without waiting in line. So this year I am going to see a lot of movies.

Ticket Machines

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is a successful construction manager, He has a wife and 2 kids. He receive a phone call that will set in motion a series of events that will threaten his career and family life. I don’t want to give away too much but a phone call will change his life forever. Locke is relatively calm in making decision on the phone while he his driving to London. You see Locke has a conversation with his father who suppose to be seating in the back seat but he is not there. His father has neglected him and he resent that. It is disturbing. You wonder if he does that when he is at home. The drama that is unfolding in a from of your eyes is realistic and believable thanks the the strong performance of Hardy. Witnessing a man being pushed to the breaking point and it is emotionally and mentally exhausting for the actor and like I said what a great performance.  The ending will has an unfinished closure and I like it that way, use your imagination.






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