A film by Robert Stromberg

Cast:Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley

It is the story of sleeping beauty (1959) re-inventing it with a twist. Stromberg has hired an army of CGI magicians in order to pull this off and what a epic it was. People were  not too crazy about it but after seeing it some of them loved it. It is not the story that you heard as a child by long shot. Maleficent  takes you to a all new direction with it which I am not going there too much just in case you didn’t see it yet. The first part of the story takes you who Maleficent is before the fall when she was a teenager a free spirited one who fly around and says hello to every creatures who lives there. There is no human there. it is the enchanted land in a word I would put it as paradise. She meet a boy and love grew. But as they turn adult Maleficent  a king want to take the treasure of the enchanted land and kill everybody. Maleficent defend herself and her people leaving the king hurt almost dead. The king wants revenge and tell his people the one who bring me Maleficent dead will take the throne. One man decided to go into the land and find Maleficent this man was the boy that Maleficent grew up with. He drugs her but can not kill her so he takes her wing and goes back to the castle. He gets the throne marries and get a baby girl. Meanwhile Maleficent goes into a dark mode and curse the child to sleep eternally at age 16. The king goes into get my daughter out of the castle mode which 3 fairies  would take care of her until her 16 birthday. But Maleficent watches over her with the help of a crow named Diaval until she is 16 years old. Angelina jolie’s character goes from nice to a dark villain with an outstanding performance on the top of it Sam Riley throws a diverting performance especially when Jolie turn him into a human, a dog , a dragon. The cinematography is splendid and so are the special effects. This one is a pleasant surprise and the movie goes in a dark place but nothing replaces the old story this one will keep families happy.





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