A film by Kôji Wakamatsu

Cast: Shinobu Terajima, Keigo Kasuya, Emi Masuda

During the second Sino-Japanese war in 1940 a lieutenant Kurokawa deprived of his leg and arms badly burn on the right side of his face stabbed in the throat he can not talk to top it all off he is almost deaf. His wife must honor the emperor and fulfill her duty of a wife by taking care of her husband.

Great film by kôji Waskamatsu not your usual film about the war. Here is a soldier coming back from the war with no hope of being reintegrate in the life that he had before. You see his wife after seeing him for the first time since he has been back tearing up emotionally big time saying this is not my husband. She has to honor the emperor by taking care of him for the rest of his or her life. The life for the lieutenant is simple and is becoming routing eat, sleep, and sex. As the film goes along you fell that his wife start to dislike him soon she does not want sex. He eats like a horse and does not no what to do with himself so eat sleep and sex becomes his joy in his life. Soon his wife dress hime to go outside and he watches her cultivate the land. They go home and he os rewarded with sex. The woman is played by and his no stranger to play a woman who is not comfortable in her own skin. But you see some flashback and you see what really happen and how the soldier got hurt. Little by little he feel remorse for what he did. The actor has done a fine job in this emotional film. Give it a try you might like this on like I did. Unfortunately Kôji Wakamatsu has died in a car accident in Japan October 17 2012.





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