ZULU (2013)



A film by Jérôme Salle

Cast: Orlando Bloom, Forest Whitaker, Tanya van Graan 

As a child Ali Newman (Forest Whittaker) nearly escape death by inkhata a militant at war against Nelson Mandela. His mother and himself survived the horror of it. But with many survivors the psychological scars remains deep inside of him. Today Ali is chief of police of South Africa in Cape town. His team consist of a white cop free spirited Brian Epkeen (Orlando Bloom) and an other cop by the book and a little bit uptight. Together the fight crime in Cape town which is not easy due to the population of the town has no respect for the police and think they are not doing their job. They find a dead woman, a new evil has been introduced it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Caryl Ferey has travel a lot and write thrillers as he visits towns or cities he stays at. He came to Cape town Africa and did some research even talk to the cops, and he started to write this fictional story. The story is set in a post Mandela where black cops are working with blacks for a while now as Forest was doing his research talking to black cop when they started working together it took a little bit to adjust to it and to see eye to eye between black cops and white cops. Orlando Bloom play a ladies man cop on the prowl 24/7. He has an ex wife and a kid who is now 18 years old. This is a new role for Orlando and he passed with flying color. The other cop has a wife who just recover from cancer is also white. meanwhile Ali has a mysterious sexual practice. later on you will see why. They find out that a gang is dealing a new drug on the street and it is a dangerous one. The closer they get the closer they put themselves even their family in danger. Great performances from the actors. The cinematography is grippy. This one is worth the look.





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