A film by Lars von Trier

Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe

Vol.2 opens, Joe is now married to the drippy Jerome (Shia LaBeouf), and they have a baby son. Unfortunately, she has also lost all interest in sex, and has no more sexual sensation. He tells her to take on other lovers to get her groove back. Three years as past and so Charlotte Gainsbourg plays joe now so if like Jerome (Shia LaBeouf) looks the same and he  should say dam my wife looks totally different now the story takes a darker turn, Joe seeks dangerous man like two African American who does not speak a word of english and that is fine with her because she wants just sex not a conversation, they argue who get what hole and you see Two erected penis and the face of charlotte in the background watching them fighting it out.  Come to think about it is a funny scene. Joe then seeks out the mysterious K (Jamie Bell) with a great performance there. He services women in what looks like a deserted office building. It is film so naturally but if you go further into the building it gets ugly , tense even erotic. K sets out the rules to Joe, he will not have sex with her, and there will be no safe word here is a terrifying thing. He weeps joe with a whip to the point she is hyperventilate, he his violent but yet gentle by take of putting on her coat. And joe gets her groove back. Seligman keeps interrupting her by anecdote and such. You see joe still depend on sex and always will until her sex drive dies around when she is 50 or so. I used to know sex addict and they din’t think they had a problem they just love sex period. Joe ends up broken. She even join sex anonymous, but if that is going to work. The film delivers especially towards the end and great ending. Yes we know at the end the situation is worse and will nor get better? There is no cure for sex addiction as a psychologist told me once however there what we call time management.




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