MAESTRO (2014)


A film by Léa Fazer 

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Michael Lonsdale, Déborah François

Based on a true story the one of Eric Rohmer The french director who has past away and the actor Jocelyn Quivrin who also passed away in a car accident leaving behind his girlfriend who he meet on the set and a son named Charles. The film is inspired of the meeting Quivrin with Eric Rohmer and their collaboration on the film The Romance of Astrea and Celadon. Of course the name has been changed to protect the innocent.

Henri Renaud (Pio Marmaī),  a struggling actor, poorly educated and lover of action movies, has committed to star in an art film inspired by The Astrea and directed by a renowned filmmaker, he knows nothing about. It must initially take a supporting role, but by a combination of circumstances, it is asked to interpret one of the main characters. Initially taken  by the atmosphere of the shoot, and especially interested in his partner he awkwardly tries to seduce, Henry finally takes Thurs Despite their differences in age and cultural references, a relationship of complicity develops between the young actor and the old director.


The film was well thought out funny and you seen relationship between 2 actors developing as well as a romance with an actress. Henri who has a best friend who is gay and is an actress tries to borrow money for his rent when he suddenly see a beautiful actress and it is love at first sight. Henry gets lucky  when his best friend tell him that she can get him a part for the next film from the director Cédric Rovere. He goes not seen one of his films. You see Henry likes action film he is not well educated on film nor poetry nor theater. Somehow he becomes good friends with the director who teaches him about poetry  and literature. Meanwhile he has trouble understanding why Gloria isn’t in love with him. He gets the lead character do to the fact that the lead actor does not want to do the film. He does a Kissing scene with Gloria and something is there she feels it as he did. Unfortunately she falls for the other actor who is gay. Why that does not surprise me. A little predictable there and to make matters worse Henry’s best friend falls for Gloria. Will Henry and Gloria get together finally. At first Gloria does not know what to do with her feeling with Henry. It seems that gloria is afraid to fall in love because Henry is so different than any other man that she has dated. Well here is a nice little comedy to see when it is raining outside.




Sorry This film did not come to the U.S. yet so I have the trailer in French only.


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