les combattans

A film by Thomas Cailley 

Cast: Adèle Haenel, Kévin Azaïs, Antoine Laurent

Here is a comedy who has boundless energy and is very communicative. Arthur is a young man who is a little lost and is trying to decided if he is going to work in the family’s business.  Madeleine is a force of nature always in survival training mode, she thinks that the end of the world is near perhaps in the next 10 years. And when the dreamer boy meets the survival babe sparks start flying.  and if this come die is so enjoyable is because it is character driven, not over the top and intelligently written.  The film start like a  gritty buddies, with caustic humor, and goes quickly into a romantic comedy. Adèle Haenel is a raising star has done a terrific acting performance in this film. Her character is constantly is a state of training drinking raw sardine, she leaves to a military camp where she is off her game, she is constantly questioning her superior or making remarks she has a degree in microeconomic and is obsessed with survival and the end of the world. Meanwhile Arnaud is a nice guy and is determined to succeed as a team player. Between initiation and romantic comedy film The Combattants find balance and a very personal tone, tender, melancholic, poetic and often very funny (all scenes of military training course are hilarious). Here is a great film but unfortunately I sense the remake in English is coming with American actors. Trust me on this one stick with the original.

les combattans

les combattans


This Trailer is in French do to the fact that this film is not in the U.S. yet.



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